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At EquaMagna we know that your business may be cyclical and require a skilled seasonal staff. For many employers, hiring a seasonal staff can be a time-consuming and demanding process. EquaMagna makes it easy by offering a white glove staffing formula that includes screening, interviewing and recruiting staff on your behalf.

We source seasonal candidates based on your preferred strategy, by leveraging our wide network of industry connections, colleges, best in class hospitality schools, and educational programs to ensure a great fit.

As an experienced hospitality recruiting firm, we have world-class operational and human resources experience and know what it takes to ensure a swift and positive recruitment experience for both our clients and our candidates.

We are your partner of choice

For our clients

We will help you secure personable interns, local seasonal staff, as well as foreign labor such as J1 work and Travel, J1 Interns and H2B Seasonal workers that will meet your operational business needs, while providing them with unique opportunities to learn in a new cultural context and hone their professional skills.  We have partnered with reputable sponsor agencies and immigration attorneys to ensure a thorough and efficient management of your foreign labor visa processes.


For our candidates

EquaMagna offers seasonal internships and work opportunities to recent hospitality graduates, students and workers committed to service excellence and willing to contribute in seasonal roles, while honing their operational and management skills, working for a Private Club, Seasonal Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, or Restaurant / Catering business. 


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For our clients hidden
For our clients
What is EquaMagna’s white glove staffing formula?

EquaMagna offers a pipeline of qualified candidates that will meet your seasonal staffing needs, by leveraging its network of candidates locally, nationwide, and globally.  We will pre-screen candidates based on the skills you are looking for, using behavioral interview techniques.  We will team up with you to schedule interviews with the top candidates for each position. This will give you the opportunity to meet with each of our exceptional candidates and review their work history, experience, and interest in joining your team.  You will make the hiring decision and we will help you finalize the offer. We can also extend reference check and background check services to you, before they join your organization.

What about international candidates?

Equamagna has partnered with several international sponsor agencies and immigration employment firms to make the hiring of international staff a positive and successful experience for you and your organization. For any employer looking to provide cultural diversity in their workforce, while guaranteeing a professional seasonal staff; sponsoring a student on a J1 work and travel, J1 internship or a seasonal H2B Visa can represent a tremendous opportunity. Many employers who have committed to such a program, make it part of their recruitment strategy, and eagerly renew the experience every year.

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For our candidates hidden
For our candidates
What services does EquaMagna offer students and seasonal workers?

As a student or seasonal hospitality worker, you know how important it is to secure a solid professional internship, training or work experience that will help you build on your skillset and broaden your experience.  EquaMagna, through its world class services, is the expert in finding and placing great candidates, and will pair you with an employer of choice, in need of your services. They will onboard you and make you part of their team. EquaMagna has a serious vetting process and will only partner with reputable sponsors and employers, to ensure positive and memorable training and work experiences to all its candidates.  We work with you to place you based on your skillset and professional interests, while ensuring a good fit with your prospective employer.

What if I am an International worker requiring a visa to secure a position in the US?

If you are an International student or worker, we will work with you, a sponsor organization or attorney, and your prospective employer, while you obtain your visa credentials. EquaMagna does not provide legal or immigration advice.  EquaMagna places professional candidates who are eligible and legally authorized to travel and work in the US.

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