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COVID – 19

EquaMagna will provide you with HR guidance and Resources to help you navigate the Coronavirus Pandemic in a strategic and thoughtful way.

Ways we are currently partnering with our clients:

  • Understanding the Cares Act Provisions for employers and employees
  • Facilitating a virtual Employee Management Process so managers and employees can continue to get the support they need to do their jobs
  • Discuss optimal staffing strategies to withstand the pandemic while taking care of your workforce, including how to handle reduced schedules, temporary salary cuts, furloughs, layoffs
  • Maintaining the connection and company culture for employees that have been furloughed
  • Wellness Initiatives: strategies to deal with grief, fear, stress, anxiety, and uncertainty in your workforce
  • Planning the return to work: strategies for creating a safe workplace and managing in a flexible manner

Coronavirus Response: Staffing until Labor Day

The coronavirus pandemic continues to change our daily life, all industries have been affected, especially the private club industry. EquaMagna joined the team from Club Thinking Partners, to discuss what we know now and what we need to know, to make staffing decisions for the next six months. The webinar was hosted by the National Club Association on March 27, 2020. To find out how to handle staffing through Labor Day, click on the link below.

Workplace Readiness:
Practical HR Insights & Considerations as Clubs Reopen

Sponsored by the MGA this webinar focuses on resuming business and re-engaging your workforce during/post covid

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. We are in this together and will help you establish a well thought out strategy that addresses all your HR needs, to ensure positive business outcomes. 

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